Free Audio Bible

Jesus is living water, He said drink from Him and you will never go thirsty…So here you go, drink for free! (Click to picture and download the full audio Bible from Media Fire.)sword-of-the-spirit.jpg

All files are mp3’s. If clicking on the image fails click the link below:

I have audio devices that play this audio bible 24/7. One in my bedroom and one in my car. I hear God’s Word in my sleep,  I wake up to His Word. At times I just walk into my room and kneel. His Word echoes through my house, it fills me when I drive, it speaks to my children and my wife everyday…all day. Faith come by hearing and hearing the Word of God.

We are lamps unto the nations set on high, make sure you’re not only plugged in, but are turned on and shining for all to see Jesus in you!

Please download this full audio bible and change your life by getting daily bread, it’s Free.
Btw there are no gimmicks here. Jesus never charged for anyone to hear Him. Take and Share and Bless Jesus and only Jesus!